Real Estate and the Art of Matchmaking

I matched Christina with Josh in 2003.

On this day in which we celebrate love and romance, I can’t help but think how much I love matchmaking. In my younger years, I loved to fix up my friends romantically. It was a rush for me—putting good people in the same room, talk them up to each other, and watch the sparks fly. I fixed up 4 friends that even made it down the aisle. They are all still together to this day and I secretly take full credit for all of their beautiful children. I essentially found a career that builds on this passion. My love of matchmaking is exactly why I love selling houses, particularly to buyers.

My buying clients tell me what they are looking for in a house, investment, or new construction, and I match good people with good real estate. Sometimes I meet people and they tell me what they think they want, but as we start looking, they realize that it isn’t what they want. It’s like thinking you want an outgoing, loud, Italian husband, but then realize that you are better suited for a reserved, sweet, Midwesterner instead, I have no personal experience with that ; ) Changing your mind is no problem, I can roll with it. You no longer want a house on land and want to live downtown in a condo instead? Give me an hour to reschedule those appointments, we got this. I love a good change-up. I enjoy the ride of house matchmaking because there is no bigger thrill than matching a buyer with their perfect house. A house is the largest purchase that most people ever make. Finding just the right one is very important and buyers get really excited when they find it.

I matched lovely Kim with her home and it was love at first sight.

Years ago, two of my favorite clients were looking for a newer home, closer to the schools. We looked casually for many months. Showing them houses was fun because the family was great, and their boys were pretty entertaining. I knew what they were looking for, but each house that came on the market was close, but not perfect. The wife got frustrated that we kissed so many frogs without finding the prince. She asked her husband to find “The One” and then she would go see it. One day I was sitting in the office, chatting with a fellow agent about the new house she was listing. As she described the house, I realized this was it, I just knew it! I called the husband immediately, and scheduled to meet him after work, offer paperwork in hand. He, subsequently, called his wife and said that he was going to look at a house, and, “we are all going”. As soon as they walked in, we all knew that this was their house. We actually wrote the offer while sitting in the basement bar. It was almost as great as the time I introduced my best friend to her fabulous husband. Yes, I take credit for her 2 perfect children.

If you love matching up your friends, come talk to me about a career in real estate. The two clearly go hand in hand.
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